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Writing Samples (Additional Samples Available on Request)

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Creative 7 Designs and MyUnlimitedWP

I served as Lead Content Writer and Editor for Creative 7 Designs, a digital marketing agency, as well as its sister company, MyUnlimitedWP.

I wrote and edited over 100 SEO-friendly blog posts and over 1,000 social media posts.

Contact me to request samples of my online marketing content!


Since 2007 I have co-owned, co-run, and edited & written for the popular Muppet news and commentary website Tough Pigs. I've created over 1,100 posts for the site.

Notable Samples:

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Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater! -- Script Writer

I wrote the libretto for a puppet musical about a young student who resorts to cheating in school when faced with tremendous pressure to succeed. In 2013 the show was one of three winning submissions selected to be produced in the New York Children's Theater Festival off-Broadway. I also had the pleasure of using my puppetry skills to perform two characters in the show. One of them was a chimpanzee!

Read an excerpt of the script here.


Lolly Lardpop -- Newsletter Editor

To help puppeteer Leslie Carrara-Rudolph stay connected with her fans, I conceptualized the "Fun with Leslie and Lolly" newsletter. I edit and distribute the newsletters, which feature announcements of Carrara-Rudolph's live appearances, video clips, fun links, and more. Much of the newsletter's content is written in the voice of Lolly Lardpop, a five-year-old sock puppet who loves candy.

Visit the Halloween 2020 newsletter here.

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Concerning Learning - Educational Content Writer

I was tasked with writing non-fiction reading comprehension passages for a standardized test practice workbook for 4th graders for New York-based tutoring and enrichment center Concerning Learning. The content needed to be high-interest, include vocabulary words, and be on-level for state-mandated reading goals.​

Read a passage about thylacines here.

Ryan Watches 50 Movies -- Blogger

Mad scientists, zombies, vampires, and gorillas. I was given a DVD set containing fifty old horror movies as a gift, and I resolved to watch and review a movie a week until I got through all fifty of them. Some were awful. Some were bizarre. But I got through them all with my sanity intact.

Ready my movie reviews here.

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Additional Freelance Writing Credits

  • My short story The Lever was published in the comic book G.I.L.T. #1 by Ahoy Comics, April 2022

  • My short story Fifty Bucks to the Future was published in the comic book Highball #4 by Ahoy Comics, December 2022

Podcast Production/Hosting

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The Muppets The Sitcom The Podcast The L

Movin' Right Along: A Muppet Movie Podcast

Inspired by the Star Wars Minute podcast series, this show goes in-depth on all of the Muppets' feature films, two minutes at a time. In addition to co-hosting, I am responsible for all production aspects, which include recording, editing, and publishing.

Listen here or anywhere you download podcasts.

The Muppets: The Sitcom: The Podcast

In 2015, the Muppets made a long-awaited return to the small screen, only to be canceled 16 episodes later. On this show, I serve as one of two alternating hosts as we revisit the sitcom and see how it holds up today. I also edit and publish episodes.

Listen here or anywhere you download podcasts.

Pop Culture Expertise Called Upon

I have had the honor to be called upon to participate in pop culture articles, panels, podcasts, and web/radio/tv broadcasts:

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